Karma VS Destiny : Why should I work ?

Is everything prewritten??

I am also from one of those who think everything is prewritten. Some think it’s written at the time we took birth.But then a strange question comes to my mind ,

Why should I work ?

if every thing is prewritten .Let the events happen the way they are written and just enjoy. Why all this hardwork ? Then what’s the point of living this life like a race ?

I gave this question a good thought , referred some good books , a good number of articles and got an answer which to some extent was satisfactory at least for me .If u are still struggling for the answer read further.

The answer to this question lies in what exactly is prewritten.                                                         Here’s what I understood from reading various stuff .

The Holy Game Analogy

“The way we play board games , Gods are also playing a game . Where pawns are humans and dice is time.They throw the dice of time , now the most important thing they throw the dice of time and the value they get is decided by ur hardwork . The series of short term events that’s happening in ur life is deiced by god.But u can always show ur caliber and in the given time frame and show that u are the strongest player and should be used for some higher goal.”

I worked very hard but didn’t get anything ??

So when u work so hard and not get what u thought , just think that God is planning something better for u .Be prepared , don’t upset him in the final game. Do the same hardwork again and help him win the game.But what’s the gaurantee that I will succeed if yes then when?

Reaction for Action : The Laws of  Perfect Nature

Different seeds fructify after different time durations. Some fruit seeds produce fruits after ten years and some seeds may even take hundred years to fructify. Every action that we do is like a seed sown. The seed will fructify and we cannot escape the result. One may say, “I don’t like this fruit, I don’t want it.” But one will be forced to eat the fruit, even if it is thorny. The reactions will come, but different types of karma seeds (actions) have different time durations after which they fructify.

I know it’s bit hard to understand , but give it a thought u will get what I’m trying to say.

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