Lessons for Life

lesson for life

lesson for life

Lessons from life(not a typo) .These are some of the lessons which life has taught me .

I am a believer of the thought that there are no negative and positive experiences there are only lessons which life teaches u in it’s own way. I’m writing these things for myself but you are free to read and learn from the lessons which I’ve learned.

What I want from Life?

I just want to be happy , so if u want that first think and know what happiness means to u.What’s that one thing which makes u happy?Is there something which u can do for ur entire life?Is there anything which if u have achieved u think u will satisfied .Is it money, ur family , travel .. what it is just find it out .As someone said Purpose of Life is Life of Purpose .

Settling For Mediocre 

Don’t ever give up , before achieving what u decided u will.There comes a hell lot of mediocre options just to test u .But don’t settle for those else u will always feel unsatisfied from inside .Strive for the best.

D for Discipline

Discipline and Intelligently Set Goals .These two are the main igredients of the

Recipe of Success .Go back and think of the moment when u failed , I bet u lacked at least one of these  or both of these luckily.

What I want to achieve?

I want two things  Freedom and knowledge , if I’ve these I think I’ll be happy always.You may have ur ones.

Give your Best , Keep Learning

There comes time when u think I’m not where I was supposed to be .And u start running  for that thing  , some start day dreaming.If u have ever doe that follow my advice , this worked for me and I’m sure it will work for u as well. Always do justice with ur current work , don’t try do it just for the sake of doing it.And keep learning .

And remember only valiant s enjoy the pleasures of earth , so be brave enough to walk the path u have chosen for ur self .





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