Reforming the System from within – the dreamer’s of India

Remember the popular scene from 2007 Oscar contender from India ‘Rang De Basanti’  .


reforming the system India.

When Amir criticizes the system and Madhvan advice him to join the system and change it  if he’s not happy with it .With some famous dialogues like “IAS bano , election lado ” , “Ghar ki safai mein haath gande Kaun Kare” .

The dialogues are still used by aspiring Civil Servants to motivate themselves to prepare hard for the services examination, Some hang these on their wall and look at it daily , then watch some similar movies then sleep peacefully .Thinking one day they will be bereaucrats , who will bring Ramrajya back in India.

But the fundamental question we should ask ourselves here “is it a good idea to plaster a damaged old building or better we should create a new building and start living there?”

Are we just giving ourself an excuse , to enter the rat race. Isn’t entrepreneurship the right way to go ?  We talk of affordable public transport even after trying for years making several rules  , installing variety of meters in Autorikshas the goverments couldn’t solve the problem which present day cab aggregators like OLA and Uber have solved. Same is the case with Paytm which played a leading role in digital payment revolution in India. No doubt many of these initiatives could only actualize because they were also backed by  positive government will .But yes they made the older systems and methods like queuing in banks for transactions , begging in front of auto drivers to take you to your destination obsolete.

To conclude I just want to advice readers if they want to serve the nation and that’s the only thing they want to join civil services for unlike many who want to join the services for diversity , learning .Civil service isn’t the only way , there are many options choose wisely!






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