SEO Beginners Guide

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) however big this term may sound .But it simply means how to write your content so that your page should appear on the first page and if you are extremely lucky than the First result in Google Search(please don’t mind but now a days search means google search). Though the topic SEO is vast and there are many advanced techniques for improving your search engine rankings.But believe me if you follow these simple suggestions I’ve mentioned and your content is original you will be on First page. If your blog is not very large to be more specific ,If your monthly traffic is less than 500000 page views and your content is original just follow this guide and believe me you will be on top. Lets begin 1.SEO is not Rocket Science some of the web Gurus will tell you that it will take years to master  this subject but believe me that’s not true. 2.Help people find what you are offering to them by using right keywords.You can use tools such as google keyword tool , to find  right keywords. 3.Write quality content :

  • Be specific :If you are writing about iPhone write it as iPhone instead of mobile.
  • Title : Write related and eye catching title that attracts users attention.
  • Link : link to other good sites that explains other things which your site is about.This will result in other sites linking to you as well.
  • Update : Make sure the  content on your site is not outdated, update it regularly.

4.Headings Headings are somewhat similar to headings in a book .Generally, there should only be one H1 tag on each page, and you can have as many h2s, h3s, and h4s as needed. Also, make sure your headings contain keywords and are relevant to the content on your website. 5.URL URL is also plays one of the most important part of your search engine Rankings.If your page urls are messy then search engines will find difficult in finding your page.Also if some keywords are present in the url then it can improve your rankings For Example:       will result in better ranking than 6.Internal links the way you link your sites content to each other decides you search engine rankings.Try to have good number of internal link within the same page as well as to other pages of your website. 7.Images Try to name your images in a way that describes it properly.Like if you have an image of Stevejobs on your website , try to name it as stevejobs.jpg instead of image01.jpg.Also in the alt tag of the image give brief but proper description of the image. like <img src=”” alt=“steve jobs image” />
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