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Searching Algorithms

Searching is the process of finding a particular item may be string,integer or anything else in a list of items.

These algorithms generally involve the comparison of key with the elements in the list and returning element index in the list if a match occurs. The simplest example is consider a list of elements:

LIST :3 5 10 100 6

suppose we are searching for element 6 in this , so we will start comparing 6 with every element in the list starting from 3 , since 6 is present at position 4 in the array so the above search will return 4. Various searching algorithms exist for different datastructures varying in their runtime and technique they are using for finding match.U can find the details of various searching algorithms under this tab along with their code. So keep reading and keep visiting this page.If u are searching for some code which is not here just mail us we will add it.

Sorting Algorithms

Sorting is the process of arranging or ordering items in some order . As simple as it sounds.

Various sorting algorithms exist for sorting items all of which basically do the same thing  but vary in a number of things like the number of comparisons  done to sort items , extra space  used or whether they are comparing elements for sorting or not comparing them.

We have added or will be adding the c++ code for all popular sorting algorithms under this page.

So whenever u need the code for any sorting algorithm just visit this page .

If u are searching for some code which is not here just mail us we will add it.