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Karma VS Destiny : Why should I work ?

Is everything prewritten??

I am also from one of those who think everything is prewritten. Some think it’s written at the time we took birth.But then a strange question comes to my mind ,

Why should I work ?

if every thing is prewritten .Let the events happen the way they are written and just enjoy. Why all this hardwork ? Then what’s the point of living this life like a race ?

I gave this question a good thought , referred some good books , a good number of articles and got an answer which to some extent was satisfactory at least for me .If u are still struggling for the answer read further.

The answer to this question lies in what exactly is prewritten.                                                         Here’s what I understood from reading various stuff .

The Holy Game Analogy

“The way we play board games , Gods are also playing a game . Where pawns are humans and dice is time.They throw the dice of time , now the most important thing they throw the dice of time and the value they get is decided by ur hardwork . The series of short term events that’s happening in ur life is deiced by god.But u can always show ur caliber and in the given time frame and show that u are the strongest player and should be used for some higher goal.” Continue reading